Our Philosophers Brought the Silver Medals of the Tournament


The All-Ukrainian tournament of young philosophers and religious scholars was being conducted in the village of Zarvanitsa, Terebovlyan district of the Ternopil region between May 13 and 17. Our team consisting of Katerina Velko, Maria Bichenko and Katerina Duda, led by their teacher V. A. Silenko, won the second degree diploma at this complicated competition. 15 teams from different corners of Ukraine participated in the tournament. Last year, our team received the third degree diploma, which means that we are advancing our skills in such disciplines as Philosophy and Religious Studies.

The Tournament was held by the Ternopil Teacher Training Postgraduate Institute in the village which is well-known by Ukrainian Catholics as it houses many religious shrines. You can read further about it. All-Ukrainian student tournaments are among those forms of intellectual competitions in the Ukrainian educational system, which contribute to the formation of a competent person capable of adequately presenting their knowledge and skills via public speaking and debating. These are conducted in a form of team competitions, as a role-playing game, during which students gain experience of collective collaboration, train their ability to solve complex scientific problems, report, formulate statements, and defend their own opinions in scientific discussions. The distinctive feature of this contest, which makes it different from All-Ukrainian Olympiads, is a commercial component in conducting the former as well as the coverage of those sciences that are not listed in the Olympic movement: https://osvita.ua/legislation/Ser_osv/61531/  

The partial financing of the project was carried out by the Charitable Foundation 'To Ukraine through Education'. Our congratulations to our team and deepest gratitude to all the contributors of their success!