Between October 8 and October 20, 2019, a group of five educators from our region are participating in the Open World programhttp://www.americancouncils.org.ua/en/pages/13, administered by the American Councils in Ukraine and the Rotary Movement. Our teacher of Computer Study E. A. Kovalenko, his colleague from Kaniv high school T. L. Mision as well as three other young scientists from Bohdan Khmelnitsky National University (S. V. Babenko, V. A. Diduk, and V. A. Litvin) have already spent a week in Washington, where they were welcomed by the American Councils, and since October 14, the project participants have moved to Kansas, where they are now hosted by the local Rotary Club Hutchinson https://hutchrotary.org.

The topic of the educational training "STEM - education and alternative training tools". Every day, the trainees visit a great number of schools, colleges, universities and community organizations with the aim of studying the experience of American teachers in the sphere of robotics and alternative learning tools. Of course, in addition to the training, they are offered a range of guided tours around the area.

The program has existed for a long time. Those under the age of 36 and have qualifications in the fields the program covers are eligible to participate in it.

Our principal, being the honorary member of the local Rotary Club, nominated the finalists and confirmed the participants from other institutions.

Two years ago, another group of Cherkasy teachers visited the United States to participate in another innovative program and included the vice principal of the Gymnasia G. L. Kornienko.