The Gymnasia Delegation Participated in the Officer's Ball


For three years in a row now, our educational institution has maintained partnership with the 503rd Marine Corps Battalion in Mariupol. The cooperation began with the regular visits of the gymnasia's traditional festive events by the military unit commanders and deepened in 2018-2019. Several students from our school have even gone through combat training at the marine corps base and received the right to wear their berets.

Today, the Battalion officers occasionally come to assist the teacher of the Fatherland Defense course in conducting his classes and bringing them closer to reality. In addition to that, three times a year, gymnasia students gather and send the marine corps soldiers various goodies and small gifts for the holidays.

At the beginning of December 2019, the command of the military unit honored our input by inviting a delegation from the gymnasia to participate in the traditional officer's ball, which has been held since 2017.

On this day, the battalion officers, along with their wives, become gallant gentlemen and elegant ladies while performing classic and contemporary dances in the presence of specially invited audience.

Among the honorary guests this year were our Principal, the Vice-principal S.O. Vinogradova, Head of the Charitable Foundation 'To Ukraine through Education' Valery Gorbenko and grade 11A student of the gymnasia Anastasia Gorbenko. The Ball was indeed a magic event in the life of this marine corps unit, almost all members of which have been in battle in the former ATO zone or are now at the forefront of the war.

The Battalion Commander Oleg Sukharevsky, an active participant and organizer of the ball, thanked the teachers and gymnasia students for their cooperation and support.

The Ball was widely covered by the mass media of Ukraine, which testifies to the unprecedented character of the event in the light of today's Ukrainian realities:

This spring, a group of combat officers is going to again come to Cherkasy to meet with our students and teachers. We are looking forward to this!