Regional Public Speaking Competition Has Been Conducted


On January 30, 2019, on the initiative of the International University of LCC (Klaipėda, Lithuania), on the basis of the First City Gymnasium in Cherkassy, ​​a regional public speaking contest in English among the 10th-11th grade students was held. This is an American type linguistic university with English as the language of teaching, which is an official partner of the gymnasium in accordance with the signed agreement. The staff of the university are regular guests at our school. Their speeches and multimedia presentations on the benefits of the university courses and programs testify the high-quality education the institution provides. These have been widely discussed by university representatives and gymnasia students, especially at the meetings of the Discussion club "Dialogue of Cultures". The University initiated an annual Public Speaking Competition in English to enhance students' motivation to learn it as this international language will provide them with many opportunities in the future. Under the terms of the competition, the winner of the regional stage will be able to take part in the finals on the international level, which will take place in the university this summer.

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Foreign Language Teachers’ Meeting


What do a Beatles song, the trailer for an Alfred Hitchcock film, and the reflections of Maine public radio listeners have in common?

They are all examples of “authentic listening materials” — audio (and often video as well) that was not created specifically for English language learners but that can be used effectively in the English language classroom.

In early January, more than 20 foreign language teachers at First City Gymnasia attended a presentation on these materials, which also include recorded interviews, speeches, film clips, short documentaries, radio and television ads, and TV programs. Sonia Scherr, a Peace Corps Response Volunteer at FCG, asked teachers what they see as the advantages of incorporating authentic listening materials into their lessons.

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The Most Significant Events In Gymnasia Life In 2018


Traditionally, on the last day of the year the edotorial board of the site and our school's admins make the summative analysis of the work done, defining the crucial happenings of the passing year. The year 2018 is not an exception and can boast of the following achievements:


Volodymyr Khandogiy, a famous career diplomat, the gymnasia alumnus and gold medalist, presented us with his book "Diplomatic scripts - the true stories of a career doplomat".

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Interact-Cherkassy Celebrates Its Jubilee


On November 20th Interact-Cherkassy celebrates its 15th anniversary. Interact club in the city of Cherkassy was created in 2003, with its founder being the local Rotary club Cherkasy-Center running the programs of the Rotary movement.

The first Interact club was established on November 5th, 1962 in Florida, the USA. Since then, the clubs have enjoyed turbulent development, with now more than 113,000 of them operating worldwide. Their work is supervised by local Rotary clubs; thus, creating them in the locations where there is no Rotary is quite problematic.

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English Club Meets in the School Library


In November 2018, members of First City Gymnasia’s English Club shared their love of reading and English with first form pupils during an after-school story hour this week. The event enabled English Club members to experience the satisfaction of volunteering while serving as teachers and role models for FCG’s youngest learners. At the same time, it showed both groups of students that language learning is above all about communicating and connecting with others.

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