At the invitation of the Association of Principals of Italian Schools (ANP), a delegation of the Principals of educational institutions of Ukraine led by the President of Renewed Gymnasias of Ukraine organization Yaroslav Turyanskyi attended the annual ANP conference in Rome from November 11 to 18, 2023. FCG Principal was one of the members of the delegation. 52 participants from 15 regions of Ukraine were lucky enough to be part of it.

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On October 28 Interact celebrates its 20th anniversary


On October 28 Interact celebrates its 20th anniversary. Interact was formed in 2003 and its first meetings were held in Secondary School #17. Since 2009, Interact has changed its location to First City Gymnasia. Since then, the main program of its activity has been volunteering on the basis of the Cherkasy Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children, located in Cherkasy in Khimselyshche district.

Every Sunday, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. the members of Interact conduct service with the children of the institution: they organize leisure, entertainment, joint projects, etc. In addition, those who wish can work in the city animal shelter “Drug” (“Friend”) and in a geriatric boarding house. The club is actively engaged in international activities, the most successful was the RYLA project with Israel in 2012-2013 and a partnership with Interact in the Polish city of Jelenia Góra in 2010-2013.

Currently, there are 5-6 Interact clubs in Ukraine, some of them are relatively new and they are in a state of development.

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We are launching a new international project in September


On July 12, the Principal of the Gymnasia participated in the presentation of the Twinschools project , which will be launched for our students in September.

Twinschools is a project platform where Ukrainian and Lithuanian students interact remotely during a special 8-week social and educational program. The project aims to bring Ukrainian and Lithuanian cultures together, to introduce students to various traditions, customs, lifestyles and difficulties that arise in this chaotic world; encourage them to seek and discover cultural commonalities, solutions to emerging problems, create a network of mutual support, and establish lifelong friendships and connections.

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An Unusual Book will Appear in FCG Library


Our former graduate Kyryl MYRONENKO is currently studying at Georgetown University, which is located in the US capital, Washington. Last year, he was included in the delegation of first-year students who visited the US Congress. At that time, Nancy Pelosi was the speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress.

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One Year of Resistance: Reflection of Our Ex-Student on the War


February 24 marked the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Our ex-school leaver Kyryl Myronenko, who finished First City Gymnasia in 2021, was among the students who represent Ukraine. So far he is studying at School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. As Dean Joel Hellman stated, exactly one year ago, a town hall was hosted in the ICC Galleria recognizing the start of the war. SFS gathered again as a community in the Galleria to acknowledge the resilience of the Ukrainian people and reflect on the past year of the conflict. SFS’ Ukrainian students — among them, Kyryl Myronenko (SFS'26), Iryna Tiasko (SFS'23), Iryna Adam (SSP'26), Ruslana Kochmar (MSFS'23) and Juliana Kogan (MASIA'23) — shared reflections on the personal impact of the war, how Ukraine’s struggle would be remembered in history and their hopes for a resolution. Georgetown’s Chamber Singers gave their rendition of Bozhe Velykyi (Prayer for Ukraine) before Deacon Peter Mansour closed the event with a prayer.

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