Our Gymnasia Has Been Visited By Chinese Diplomats


On May 5, at the initiative of the Embassy of China in Ukraine we have welcomed the delegation consisting of three diplomats of this country:

Van Datzung – the First Secretary of the Embassy of China in Ukraine, the head of the department of education

Lu Tai – the Third Secretary for Education of the Embassy of China

Sun Kewen – the principal of Confucius Institute in KNU by T. G. Shevchenko

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Peace Corps Ex-Volunteer Sent Us Books From The Us


N. A. Ovcharova, English teacher of our gymnasia, has just received a valuable gift from the last year's Peave Corps volunteer Judith Anders with whom she had a very close working partnership.

Judith Anders was grateful to our school and teachers for the coperation that we had. The series of publications will become a significant contribution and real treasure to gymansia English classrooms.

Students of different age groups who are interested in learning the English language have a free access to the useful materials presented to us by Ms Anders.

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Five Belgians In Our Gymnasia


On April 16, five Belgians from different parts of this relatively small country spent a few hours in the walls of our gymnasia. Their visit started from the guided tour round the premises perfectly conducted by Maria Samokhvalova in her exquisite French. The guests got acquainted with the rich history of relationship between Cherkasy and the Belgian city of Arlon. They were told about it by the coordinator of the project T. G. Mokrushina.

Since the guests are the members of Rotary clubs in Belgium, they also had a meeting with the members of the gymnasia club “Interact”. Its president Illya Lagutin informed everyone ptresent about the programs that the club participates in and coordinates, while the other participants had a chance to tell about their particular contribution to the work of the club as well as their likes in relation to what they are doing.

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April 13 FCG Queen’s Ball Has Been Conducted


On April 13, the Cherkasy Arts Museum hosted the Charity Ball under the patronage of the Queen of the First City Gymnasia Daria Yaremchuk. The Ball was opened by the students of our gymnasia who devoted their lives to mastering the beautiful art of ballroom dancing and have achieved quite significant heights in this respect: Nikita Solovyov, Elizaveta Volovichenko, Artem Mizyun, Anna Kirnas, Arseniy Rabenko, and Maria Bezkorovaina. Traditionally, according to the rules of etiquette, the event is opened by the debutants, youngest “ladies and gentlemen” who participate in the festive Ball for the first time. The students of the 8 th –B grade performed a magnificent polonaise, while the 8 th –A grade dancers provided the audience with the opportunity to enjoy the lightness of the Spanish waltz. Polka, ragtime, blues, country, Vienna waltz, pas de grâce from grades 9-А, 9-B, 10-А and 10- B students were also unforgettable.

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Jubile Regional Student Conference


On April 11, FCG participated in the traditional V Regional Student Conference, which took place in our Local Lore Museum and gathered the young experts of the creative handicap of M. O. Drai-Khmara. More than 30 participants mostly represented Cherkasy schools. However, the 5 th -graders from Shpola district schools also attended the event. FCG principal S. I. Sayenko and teacher-methodist N. I. Korytan delivered their introductory speeches in which they thanked everyone for their work and wished every success in researching the work of Drai-Khmara.

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