Interact-Cherkassy Celebrates Its Jubilee


On November 20th Interact-Cherkassy celebrates its 15th anniversary. Interact club in the city of Cherkassy was created in 2003, with its founder being the local Rotary club Cherkasy-Center running the programs of the Rotary movement.

The first Interact club was established on November 5th, 1962 in Florida, the USA. Since then, the clubs have enjoyed turbulent development, with now more than 113,000 of them operating worldwide. Their work is supervised by local Rotary clubs; thus, creating them in the locations where there is no Rotary is quite problematic.

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English Club Meets in the School Library


In November 2018, members of First City Gymnasia’s English Club shared their love of reading and English with first form pupils during an after-school story hour this week. The event enabled English Club members to experience the satisfaction of volunteering while serving as teachers and role models for FCG’s youngest learners. At the same time, it showed both groups of students that language learning is above all about communicating and connecting with others.

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English Club


First City Gymnasia’s English Club is off to a strong start this year, with a dozen enthusiastic members participating in weekly sessions that emphasize conversation and culture. Facilitated by Sonia Scherr, a Peace Corps Response Volunteer at FCG, this student-centered club caters to the needs and interests of its participants, who are in the sixth, seventh and eighth forms. The group — officially named Interesting English Club by its members — gives students opportunities to express themselves in English through interactive games, informal presentations and lively discussions. 

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First Weeks On The American Land


Hi, everyone! My name is Kateryna Taranenko and I got lucky enough to spend this academic year in the US, as a part of FLEX program. I got an opportunity to spend this year in Houston, Texas. It is the fourth most populous city in the US, which is a very unusual, but exciting experience for me. I attend Westside High School as a junior(11th grade) and this school is a completely new thing for me. It is huge ( over 3000 people) and the whole school atmosphere differs a lot from our Ukrainian one. Given an opportunity to choose my subjects, I took everything, that interests me the most and I am looking forward to studying them this whole year. Hopefully I will get the best out of this exchange year, as it is a wonderful chance to improve myself in many different fields. I wish you the best year in FCG and I hope it will be successful and productive for our school!

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Go Camp-Fcg 2018 Is History


On June 15 we had an enchanting closing ceremony of Go Camp-FCG 2018 language camp that lasted for the past two weeks. At the «Star Party», the camp participants presented four personal projects that kids would create in cooperation with their teamers and teachers during their stay in the camp. The winner by the online voting was announced on the gymnasia website. The closing ceremony was attended by Inna Krulko and Tetyana Kirichenko, the managers from Kyiv office of Go Global, as well as T. G. Lyakhovytska, the methodist of Cherkasy Methodist Cabinet.

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