Interact is a Youth Rotary project of the worldwide Rotary Movement 

As well as adults Interact members pour their passion into completing social useful projects that have a lasting impact.

Interact has an emblem of its own. All the members wear badges with the emblem presented by the local Rotary Club sponsoring it.

The Club Interact Cherkasy was founded on November 23,2003 on the initiative of the Rotary Club Cherkassy-Centre.

It was there that students of several schools first met in the building of Advanced School n17 and it had become the meeting place of Interact by May 31, 2008

Serhiy Sayenko, New Generation (Youth) Service Commitee Chair RYLA, Commitee Vice Chair patronizes the operation of Interact Cherkasy tel. +380506027113, email:

Piskunov Alexander, Openko Yuriy, Gordienko Tetiana, Pashchenko Igor, Litvin Ivan ( School n17) ; Kalchuk Aliona, Yakovenko Anton, Paliychuk Pavlo, Lagutin Ilya, Gorbenko Anastasia, Shpak Anastasia ( FCG) were the presidents of Interact Cherkasy different times 

Alex Shypka Rotary Club Lviv Centre member is an Interact operation Officer D2232 tel. 0689199485, email:

The club was officially registered in Cherkasy City Council by message under date of January 23,2004

Interact members embrace Rotary rallying point.

On November 20,2008 Interact Club commemorated its five year anniversary.

On September 1, 2009 Interact Club relocated to Cherkasy First City Gymnasia.

Foreground directions of Club operation stay up:

  • work with children aged 3-18 in the temporary orphanage “Tepliy Dim”
  • work in the dogs’ shelter “Druh”
  • activity in heriatric sanatorium

Maksym Matsyboka is the current Interact President 2020-2021 tel. +380687066168 email:

The Club has a short though rich in activities history.

At various times Interact has entertained students from American schools.

In July 2010 Jay Zimmer the Interact President of twin city Santa Rosa visited our club.

In 2004 Interact took abroad for the first time.Our club participated in the organizing process of Interact Club in Lodz, Poland. October 22-30,

2011 - 8 members of our Club participated in Interact Conference of Interact Cluns in Yelena Gora, Poland. June 6-12,

2011 - a group of Interact members from Yelena Gora visited our club. In summer 2012 Interact crew spent 10 days in Sevastopol learning leadership and resting

In 2012-2013 Interact with Interact Club from Haifa, Israel took part in the project RYLA. October 16-21,

2016 - 6 members of Interact, together with the Interact members from Poland, Ukraine, Israel and Germany were a party to the First International Conference Interact in the Service of Peace, in Karpacz, Poland.

In spring 2018 Interact participated in the conference in this city for the second time.

In Spring 2019 Anastasia Shpak took part in the First International Debate among the Youth in Tel Aviv, contributed by Rotary Israel.

Anastasia Shpak and Maksym Matsyboka have attended educational seminars RYLA.

Our Interact Club engages new members aged 12-17 from the students of Cherkasy schools. To receive an invitation to the club session you should contact the president. The students of other schools may be the members of Interact.

Interact members have preferences on the participation in Rotary Youth Exchanges.

In 2015-2016 Tetiana Gnatenko studied in the USA on such Programme

September 3, 2016 - February 2017 - Stiven Lein from Pennsylvania studied in FCG and was a member of Interact Club 



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