We are launching a new international project in September


On July 12, the Principal of the Gymnasia participated in the presentation of the Twinschools project  https://twinschools.org/?lang=uk , which will be launched for our students in September.

Twinschools is a project platform where Ukrainian and Lithuanian students interact remotely during a special 8-week social and educational program. The project aims to bring Ukrainian and Lithuanian cultures together, to introduce students to various traditions, customs, lifestyles and difficulties that arise in this chaotic world; encourage them to seek and discover cultural commonalities, solutions to emerging problems, create a network of mutual support, and establish lifelong friendships and connections.

During the program, students will work in groups of 8 people (4 + 4 from both countries). The work will be coordinated and conducted by student facilitators previously trained by Twinschools specialists. At the end of the 8-week remote activities, a trip to Lithuania is planned. All costs are covered by the project organizers.

In Cherkasy, apart from FCG, "Beregynia" collegium and secondary school #28 have been also selected. In total, about 20 schools from different regions of Ukraine will participate in the project.

Currently, the school authority is selecting project facilitators and developing an action algorithm. We are planning to widely cover the run of the project on our website.