At the invitation of the Association of Principals of Italian Schools (ANP), a delegation of the Principals of educational institutions of Ukraine led by the President of Renewed Gymnasias of Ukraine organization Yaroslav Turyanskyi attended the annual ANP conference in Rome from November 11 to 18, 2023. FCG Principal was one of the members of the delegation. 52 participants from 15 regions of Ukraine were lucky enough to be part of it.

The theme of the conference "Introduction of Artificial Intelligence into the educational process" is relevant throughout the world. The Ukrainians' stories about how schools work in wartime impressed the Italians. They gave a standing ovation, and many had tears in their eyes. We felt the support and understanding of our situation from colleagues abroad. During the following days, the project participants got acquainted with the peculiarities and structure of the educational system in Italy, visited several Italian secondary schools, which, along with academic education, provide students with professional training in the field of hotel and restaurant services, agriculture and engineering and technical spheres. We would like to believe that the reform of education in Ukraine will lead to such a result.

There is an opinion that it is better to study history while travelling. The Colosseum, the Vatican, Florence and Venice, as well as Vienna and Salzburg - these historical places are impressive and change the perception of the world. After visiting these places, there is a desire to immerse into the History classes again.

Also, the Principal met wonderful colleagues from different regions of Ukraine, hopefully, these acquaintances will develop into future school partnerships.

The Principal has already told his colleagues and FCG staff about the results of the educational tour.