The Gymnasia Language Center has been recognized


On December 18, the official reception of partner schools and non-governmental educational institutions cooperating with the Cambridge University of Testology "Cambridge Assessment English" took place in Kyiv. Our Principal S.I. Sayenko was present at this extremely solemn event.

One of the important factors of the high school student's performance is obtaining an international language certificate, which acknowledges the level of command of a foreign language and is recognized all over the world.

The speech of the principal, which contained information about the achievements of the gymnasia Olympus Center, invoked the approving reaction of everyone present at the event. We really have something to be proud of. In 2018-2019 academic year, 21 students of 9th grade passed the PET exam, of which 1 candidate received a level B2, the rest B1 certificates. Among 18 grade 11 students, 4 reached C1 level in their knowledge of English.

In addition to the students, the teachers of the gymnasium as well as other schools of the city also passed an international examination to determine the level of professional skill of the TKT. To date, 8 high school teachers have completed all three TCT modules.

The activity of the center has especially intensified with the appointment of O.O. Vakulenko as its director.