Project Speak Together Helped Financially


For almost a year our Gymnasia has been taking part in Project Speak Together, which proved to be very successful. The aim of this English language project is to have a weekly communication with teenagers from different cities of California, learning the language and building friendly relationships. This project is appreciated by both sides a lot. A couple days ago a letter from one of the Speak Together tutors was received. The young teenager raised 200 US dollars and has a desire to donate the money to our Gymnasia. This is his letter:

“Dear Mr. Sayenko,

My name is Christian Grunt and I currently attend school in Alameda, California. As a tutor in the Project Speak Together program I have had the honor of working with your students for the past few months. When news first came of the conflict that is happening in your country we in the United States were shocked by what we saw and heard, and I knew that I needed to do something to help. When I asked what I could do, Ms. Pais let me know that the best way to get funds to you all in Cherkasy would be through your school’s organization.

That is why, as an organizer for an annual fundraiser that we hold on March 14 (Pi Day) at my high school, I pushed for our profits to be sent directly to the First City Gymnasia School and the rest of my peers readily agreed. We hope that these funds might make a small difference in the difficult process of caring for the many refugees of the war that I know are pouring into your city. I am sure that those of you in the city know what is needed the most, which is all that we at St. Joseph Notre Dame care about. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Stay safe,

Christian Grunt

from the St. Joseph Notre Dame Junior Class, Alameda, CA”